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Model No. – WTC-8500 Make – WESWOX


Technical Specification:-


Trinocular Observation Head

  • Siedentopf Observation head inclined at 45˚.
  • Vertical phototube for micro photography.
  • Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube.
  • Inter-pupillary distance from 54mm to 75mm.



  • PWF 10X (paired) F.O.V. 22mm and centering telescope.


Objectives (Anti fungus coated)

  • LWD Plan objective 4X
  • LWD Plan objective phase 10X
  • LWD Plan objective phase 20X
  • LWD Plan objective phase 40X


Mechanical Body

  • Quintuple nosepiece. PRE-FOCUSING LEVER & TENSION ADJUSTMENT RING are on focusing mechanism.
  • Hard coated fixed mechanical stage is 250mm X 160mm, slider clip, extension plate and co-axial moveable stage can be assembled.


Illumination System

  • 6v/30w Halogen Bulb. External transformer, intensity adjustable.

Sub Stage Condenser

  • A-03 Koehler illumination condenser, with Phase- adjustable slide plate, long working 72 mm.
  • Filter
  • ф45mm green interference filters, color temperature change filter, infrared eliminate filter.

Standard Accessories

Electric Cable, Fuse, Vinyle dust cover, Operating Manual, 12V/20W Halogen bulb, Styrofoam molded pack.


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