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These surgical pathology Sturdy perforated insertable work stations are useful for examining surgical specimens.
The contaminated air & formalin vapors from work table are sucked out by built-in blowers.
High capacity waste disposal unit.
Storage Compartments. Made up of High Grade 304 Stainless steel.
Provided with lighting system, swiveled-magnifier, SS table, Sink & Hot & Cold Mixer Tap, metric rulers- 2 Nos. shelf, drawer and storage compartment above the work table as well under table, Towel ring/Tissue paper stand and waste bin, Magnetic tool bar, tea strainer,.
Inbuilt Ventilation system for removing the formalin fumes.
The working area sides are made from door acrylic material.
Widely used, as it is very convenient for “Grossing Work in Histopathology”.
Ergonomically designed to be low to the bench.
Large Sink : 400 x 300 x 165mm has rapid positive drainage Vacuum Breaker – protected cold water faucet is supplied (Optional)
Hand Free faucet uses and infrared signal to activate water (also has manual override capability).
Magnetic tool holder. Sink with hot and cold water faucet.
Polyethylene Dissecting Board with ruler.
Storage shelf to keep the necessary tools in the reach of operators.
Fume removal is quiet, efficient and measures less than 65 decibels Ventilation through duct Back draft design maximizes capture velocity across the work surface.
Flat stainless steel work surfaces (Optional), 3 removable perforated grid plates.
Wheel chair accessible design Installation is quick and easy (Optional)
Movable Plexiglas splash shield protects the user from sprays and splashes while dissecting specimens.
Integrated illumination for entire work area with additional spot light.


Built in U.V germicidal light.
Exhaust duct per running feet.
Magnetic tool holder
Formalin dispenser
Polyethylene cutting board
Shower with flexible hose
Waste shredder
Splash shield
High capacity waste disposable unit.

Size in Feet
4 x 3 x 3
5 x 2½ x 3
6 x 3 x 3


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