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Microscope has the feature to observe the specimen in Culture flask and Petri dish. Epi-fluorescent device applies to the fluorescent microscopy. It is equipped with long working distance plan achromatic objectives, wide field eyepiece, binocular observation head, phase contrast kit and phase contrast objectives. All optical components are made of glass with anti-fungal & anti reflected coating.

Optical System : Infinity corrected optics.
Viewing Head : Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined 45°. Trinocular port for attachment of camera via adaptor containing 0.5X to 0.63X relay lens along.
Nosepiece : Quadruple/Quintuple precision revolving nosepiece.
Eyepiece : WF-10× eyepieces having field of view 20-22mm
Focusing : Co-axial coarse and fine focus knobs ergonomically positioned either side of the microscope stand for convenient operation.
Objective : Long working distance plan achromatic objectives: 4/5x, 10x(phase contrast) 20x(phase contrast)40x(s). All objectives is compatible for phase contrast as well as bright field microscopy.
Mechanical Stage : Double layer mechanical stage Stage Size: 242mm×172mm Central stage: Φ110mm Range: 75mm×40mm with optional attachments to accommodate different samples viz., large tissue culture flask , petri dishes, micro titer plates. Mechanical stage for left or right hand operation with object guide for an adjustable XY. Universal holding frame.
Condenser : N.A.0.3 Abbe Condenser with iris diaphragm, Working Distance:70-187mm in presence of filter slider and phase slider.
Focusing : Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system With tension adjustment Fine focusing scale 0.002mm
Illumination : Light Source Transmission Illumination: Halogen Bulb 6-12V/30W with white light LED illumination with lamp life of at least 60,000hrs,interference two filter green and blue filter. In-built live 5-10LED as intensity indicator & ensure lamp of life longevity. Adjustable Brightness. Automatic illumination shut off facility after 15 minute of idle condition to increase the lamp life and longevity.
Optional Accessories : Bright field,
Power : 220-230v 50-60Hz CE certified.
Certification : European CE, ISO Certified.
Standard Accessories : Dust cover, instruction manual.
Warranty : 2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.


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