Minus 40 Degree Deep Freezer

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The Plasma Freezer provides an optimal extremely cold temperature for plasma and test samples conservation. The instrument’s exterior body is composed of heavy
gauge hardened steel that has been powder coated, and the inner chamber is built of stainless steel (304). This unit is designed to maintain a stable and uniform
temperature of up to -40.0°C in both vertical and horizontal configurations, and comes in four different sizes. A built-in stainless steel insulated inner door is
included in the user-friendly design, and simple calibration is accessible via the control panel. This, combined with a visual and audible alert system, guarantees that
your samples are not only safe but also accessible when you need them.


Purpose of Equipment : To freeze and store plasma
Type of Equipment: Compression Freezer with CFCfree refrigerant
Capacity: 400 plasma bags of 200ml. each
Construction: Internal Stainless steel (min. 22g) ( S.S V2 A-1.4301)
External: Solid outer Cabinet Corrosion Resistant (at least 1mm thickness) CFC-free institution Design: Upright Type
Door: Solid door o o , Automatic closing of the front door below opening angle of 90 and opening angle limited to 110
Institution and gasket should be silicone.
Separate inner doors to prevent cold loss Drawers : Roll out/removable type Heating device on frame to avoid condensation.
Electrical Characteristics: Input voltage :220/240V 50HZ A line voltage corrector of appropriate rating from part of configuration. Minimum Compressor Starting
V o oltage : 22% bellow nominal voltage Internal temperature Control. Electronic temperature control Operating temperature reachable lowest up to- 45 c with
selling accuracy of ±1° C whatever the load
Casting & door institution panel with polyurethane foam > 80mm thickness.
o Refrigeration : Heavy duty hermetically sealed compressor air cooled cascade refrigeration system. Maintains inner temperature below -40 C. Option for duct from
equipment to connect to common main duct to throw hot out of the room. Refrigerant CFC free/green gas Optional: Access port for CO2 backup system for
refrigeration. Hold over time: 2hrs at ambient temperature Cooling Down Time:
A o o o full load plasma packs at +25 C takes a maximum of 5 hrs for all the packs to reach below-5 C A full load plasma packs at +25 C takes a maximum of 30 hrs for
o o all the packs to reach below-20 C Temperature Monitoring: Digital temperature (LED) display with 0.1 C graduation/ LCD touch screen with online display of
temperature to take printout whenever required along with 365 days memory Temperature recording device: Microprocessor control for operation with integrated
audio visual temperature alarm function with digital monitoring display. There is a method to check alarm system. Seven days inkless graphic temperature recorder
with range of 0o o C to -50 C with data logger, with supply of free charts for a period of warranty. Battery backup for alarm and temperature recording device.
Provision to connect with central(temperature) monitoring system Mounted on Lockable caster wheels Alarm history: Temperature maximum and minimum, average
temperature during alarm period. Time of duration of alarm.
Desirable: Noise factor should not exceed 75 decibels . Should have compressor running time<60 to 70% reports is traceability towards applicable national /
international standards. Complete with comprehensive set of spare parts including a spare compressor, refrigerant gas cylinder etc. and a suitable capacity voltage
stabilizer. The make, rating, model, description, price, quantity of each item shall be furnished separately. Necessary catalogues, technical write up in English shall
be attached with the offer both in hard and soft copies. Performance, efficiency, other factors such as distortion etc. as applicable be also furnished. Complete
construction, details in respect of material specification. Thickness, finish etc. are to be furnished.
Warranty: 2 year warranty.
Certifications : European CE Notified.


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