Minus 40 Degree Deep Freezer

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Weswox Upright type -40° C is suitably designed for Blood Banks, Hospitals sanitation and anti epidemics station, Electronic Industry, Universities laboratories,
Military Industries, Pelagic fishery Companies.
Heavy duty hermetically sealed compressor air cooled cascade refrigeration system. Maintains inner temperature below -40o C.
Compression Freezer with CFC-free refrigerant Capacity: 400 plasma bags of 200ml. each. Roll out/removable type Heating device on frame to avoid
Electronic temperature control Operating temperature reachable lowest up to- 40-45o c with selling accuracy of ±1° C whatever the load
Casting & door is institution panel with polyurethane foam > 80mm thickness.
Microprocessor control for operation with integrated audio visual temperature alarm function with digital monitoring display. A method to check alarm system.
Seven days ink-less graphic temperature recorder with range of 0oC to-50oC with data logger.
Aesthetically designed, compact, elegant chest/upright model, ideally Suited for Laboratories, Research and biological and industrial applications such as low temp.
Scientific experiment, preservation of Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell, Skin, Bone, Bacteria, Semen, biomedical Products. Internal Stainless steel (min. 22g) ( S.S
V2 A-1.4301). Ocean Products, Electronic Devices and low temperature testing of special materials etc. Solid outer Cabinet Corrosion Resistant (at least 1mm
thickness) CFC-free institution. Ergonomically designed compact, elegant Ultra low temperature deep freezers chest model having heavy duty cascade type air
cooled refrigeration system and hermetically sealed compressors with very low noise level and electrical circuit easily serviceable. S.S (304 grade). Solid door,
Automatic closing of the front door below opening angle of 90o and opening angle limited to 110o Institution and gasket is silicone. Separate inner doors to prevent
cold loss. Minimum Compressor Starting Voltage 22% bellow nominal voltage Internal temperature Control.
A full load plasma packs at +25oC takes a maximum of 5 hrs for all the packs to reach below-5oC A full load plasma packs at +25oC takes a maximum of 30 hrs for all
the packs to reach below-20oC.
Salient Feature
• CFC, HCFC Free refrigerant
• Vertical type/ chest type
• Provision to connect with central(temperature) monitoring system.
• Double heating of doors
• Digital temperature display
• Noise factor is not exceed 75 decibels compressor running time<60to 70%.
• Audio visual alarm warning for power failure, open door, deviation of interior temperature and defective temperature sensors.
• Digital temperature (LED) display with 0.1 degree C graduation/ LCD touch screen with online display of temperature with RS232 to take printout
whenever required along with 365 days memory.
Technical Feature
• Temperature range – 40°
• Two compressor cooling system
• Polyeurtherene insulation 150mm thick
• Stainless steel interior.
Refrigeration System:-
Heavy duty maintenance free refrigeration system with hermetically sealed refrigeration compressor and reliable refrigeration to minimize noise and vibration.
Air cooled with security lock and prevent unintentional switch off. Short cooling time of 4 to 5 hours at 40°C ambient temperature. The equipment is of
continues duty.
Power supply 220/240 Volts 50Hz single phase.
Access port for Co2 backup system for refrigeration. Hold over time: 2hrs at ambient temperature. Battery backup for alarm and temperature recording device.



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