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1. For uniform thawing of plasma bags at preset temperature of 4°±02°C
2. High capacity pump to facilitate optimum and uniform thawing of plasma
3. Capacity: 10-12 bags per run or per one cycle
4. System to prevent contamination of individual ports during thawing.
5. Microprocessor based controller for precise monitoring and controlling of temperature at 4° 1 0.2°C.
6. Other requirements: a) Input power supply I 230 + 10% V, 50 Hz, 15A single phase AC
b) Power consumption : Maximum 1600 W
c) Operating temperature : 3.5° C – 4.5° C
d) Programmable temp. range : 3° C – 50° C
e) Display resolution : 0.1° C
f) Temp. controller :Microprocessor based digital controller
g) Stainless steel tank of 22 guage & stainless steel lid of at least
20 guage.
h) Time taken for one process: Not more than 2 hours for plasma bags store at – 40°C.
i) Tray: Stainless steel, removable tray of individual compartments for holding plasma bags.
j) External dimension (WxDxH) ; Should be less than 850 x 500 x 800 mm (± 10%)
k) Castor wheels: Mounted on lockable castor wheels.
l) Temp. Sensing method: Sealed sensor dipped directly in the water.
m) Weight : Less than 70kg
n) Drain line with shut off valve can be connected to existing plumbing.
7. Certifications: EUCE/BIS/USFDA Registered
8. Warranty: 3 Years


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