ELISA Washer

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Elisa Washer with 8-Channel manifold , includes bottles and tubing set, user maintenance kit and instruction manual.
System is Easy to use and is following features :- • 8 channel wash selections manifold
• Crosswise aspiration removes residual fluid • Vacuum power: 1 integrated vacuum pump (maxi 8 lit/min.)
• Volume of waste bottle is capacity to 1.5 to 2 Liters.
• Residual well volume < 3ul for a 96well
• Wash volume : 50 to 1000 ul. Per well or better
• Precision : + 5% CV
• Programmable soak times
• Choose from strip or plate wash modes.
• Compatible with most 96well micro plate formats
• EUCE from 4 digit notified body CDSCO
• Warranty is 3 Years
• Accommodates flat, U-, V- and curved bottom wells Stores multiple wash cycle sequences defined by operator.


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