Haematology Analyser (Cell Counter 3 Part)

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• EUCE from notified body.
• Doubled chambered with double aperture. •
• Require not more than 150ul of whole blood per cycle. User friendly.
• Colored touch screen
• Inbuilt comprehensive quality control program.
• Stepper motor/ vacuum pump, hence noiseless running and sturdiness (no compressor).
• 18 parameters along with 3 histograms for RBC, WBC and PLT.
• Automatic cleaning of sampling probe (internal and external).
• Floating thresholds to separate overlapping of PLT and RBCs.
• Give 3 flags for analyzer alarms.
• Separate aspiration needle for open and predilute mode or should come with open tube
• Special provision to avoid sample carry over. Built in thermal printer or it can be connected toexternal printer
Inbulit blood mixer or it is provided seperately
1. Since it is close system machine hence bidder has to quote per test cost in financial bid.
2. In separate sheet 2 of BOQ, bidder has to quote per ml cost of Diluent, Lyse and cleaning solution and in technical bid, bidder has to
specify reagent (ie. Diluent, Lyse and cleaning solution, separately) required (in ml) for per test and reagent required in start up and
quantity of each reagent required for start up and shut down of machine.
3. L1 will be calculated by considering rate of machine and in addition, rate of 36500 test i.e. 10 test per day for 10 years (including 2
times start up and 2 times shut down daily) i.e. till life cycle of machine. Hence bidder must quote per test cost in financial bid by
considering above mentioned conditions which will be verified in demonstration for reagent consumption.
4. Bidder has to provide control for daily control run and calibrator as and when required, free of cost.
5. Warranty: 3 Years


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