Plasma Thawing Bath

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1. Bath is designed to safely quickly and optimally and reliably thaw fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and cryoprecipitate for the
recovery of coagulation factors and cryoprecipiated antihemophilic factor (AHF). For thawing of plasma and
cryoprecipitate at required temperatures.
2. Table top with top opening
3. Capacity of minimum 10 to 15 plasma bags with rack holders
4. Internal Body Material: Stainless Steel ( Non Corrosive, Non Magnetic)
5. Having a deep thawing chamber with a stirrer and with water maintained at +37°C with pumping mechanism and in-line
heating system to ensure uniform thawing
6. Quick thawing (< 20 minutes)
7.Able to thaw minimum 10 plasma bags (FFPI cryoprecipitate /Aphaeresis or plasma bags of any size).
8. A water bath based system operating at a preset and precise temperature of 37° 10.2°C
9. Two separate basket assemblies with built-in fingers for securely holding the plasma bags of all sizes.
10. Trays with individual compartment to ensure that ports of bags may be kept above water level during the procedure.
11. Tray : Removable type stainless steel trays with Partitions for holding plasma bags.
12. An alarm when the plasma bags are thawed.
13. Provision for programmable time setting for length of thawing.
14. Digital timer clearly displaying the programmed set time or remaining cycle in minutes.
15. Audio visual over-temperature alarm system
16. A system to drain the chamber easily.
17. Supplied with a cover to keep the unit covered when not in use
18. Simple to operate, easy to read LED display
19. Drain Line with Shut off valve can be connected to existing plumbing.
20. Power supply: 220-240 volts at 50 Hz, single phase
21. Accessories: 1. Reusable wrap bag – 8 numbers 2. Frozen plasma bag holder 3. Compression rack holder 4. Reference
22. Certifications: Product certification: EUCE 4 digit Notified Registered/CDSCO.
23. Warranty: 3 Years


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