Blood Collection Monitor

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 Developed for both stationary and mobile use for convenient and safe collection of blood.
 Volume adjustments / 16×2 Giant LCD display with White Led light.
 Edge gentle blood mixing with coagulant and management of collection period.
 Sound and graphical indicators for high flow (> 180 ml/min) and low flow (20 ml/min) and collection Begin.
 Microprocessor-based controlling system with +/- 1 ml accuracy.
 Automatic check on Blood flow rate and collection duration during collection.
 Auto tare facility / Auto release function with Removable Magnetic Tray.
 Comes in 2D (See Saw) and 3D movements.
 Set Volume, Process Volume, Weight, Flow Rate, Time, Current Status, and Battery Percentage are all displayed.
 The volume can be adjusted to 1 ml. Increase the number of pre-set points by two (350 & 450 ml)
 The volume ranges from 1 ml to 999 ml.
 Flexible Low Flow & High Flow points provision & maintenance for pausing collection and changing programmes during blood collection.


Blood Collection Monitor is a microcomputer device used to monitor the gathering of a blood donation to guard against over or under bleeding of the patient for gelation of blood and Anticoagulant without clot formation in the blood bag.Weighing with precision and in a timely manner.
The Blood Collection Monitor is a compact product that includes smooth and gentle rocking for uniform mixing of anticoagulation and blood from a donor without blood clotting.
50/60 Hz, Warranty 3 Years, Operation Continuous, Operation with Intermittent, Loading, Power 12W (Max)
Oscillation details It, 12±2 rpm or better.
Clamping mode Motor activated clamping
Volume setting ranges Insteps of 5ml from 50 to 500ml,
Automatic storage & recall of set volume
Alarms/ Indications LCD, LED indication and audible alarm when the flow rate goes below 20ml/min or above 180 ml/min LED, LCD indication and audible alarm at the end of collection LCD, LED indication and audible alarm for when mains power fails LED indication (blinking) with audible alarm when battery Low
Automatic clamping at termination of present volume collection.
Display 16 x 2 line character Backlit LCD display/LCD Display Time measurement Time of collection is indicated at the end of every collection Accuracy ± 2% of the programmed volume
Dimension in mm 250 x 340 x 180 (W x D x H)
WEIGHT Not more than 7 Kg
Battery 12V, 2.3Ah Sealed maintenance free lead acid rechargeable battery
Fuse 250V, 500mA , 5 x 20mm,
Slow blow catridge type Warning Replace fuses with specified type & rating to protect from fire


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