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1. A 8 Channel Micro plate Reader
2. An Open System which allows to program & save minimum of 100 protocols with different Elisa protocols
3. EUCE from 4 digit notified body CDSCO
4. The user interface is through external PC with minimum programming steps
5. Instrument is external printer facility with USB/RS232 port based printers/inbuilt Printer can be connected.
6. Instrument is able to read all types of micro well plates with transparent bottom – flat, C-, U- and Vshaped
8. Multiple levels of operator access for security.
9. Based on LED/Halogen lamp based technology for minimal maintenance & long life of light source
10. Operating temperature is between 15 – 35°C
11. Power supply should be 100-240V AC
12. Calibration- Metrological tool is available with the service provider to check the different aspects of reader as well as accreditation
requirements/ PM kit is provided with the instrument for maintenance
13. Photometric range is between 0 to 4.000 OD
14. Instrument is a Spectral range between 400- 750nm
15. Instrument is both single and dual wave length reading option.
16. Minimum Resolution of 0.001 OD means Reading is displayed with minimum of 3 decimal points for accurate quantitative
17. At least 4 Standard filters – 405, 450, 492, 620 nm and is at least 3 open


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