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The Dual Actuator Blood Donor Couch was created to make blood extraction quicker, safer, and more comfortable for the donor. The position of the donor can be readily modified to either a comfy easy chair or a bed. All of the surfaces are clean and smooth, are easily accessible, and can be cleaned. The product is safer because the electrical and mechanical equipment are housed inside the framework. To enhance donor comfort, seat parts are created with ergonomic considerations in mind. Both sides have a facility for collecting blood. Based on the concepts of haemodynamic.
· Heaviest duty the remote control can be used to change the tilt.
· With a switch, you may adjust the position of each arm. (In the event of a vasovagal attack,
the donor’s head and legs can be immediately lowered and raised above heart level so that
blood can flow back to the brain and other essential organs.).
· Two-Gear Linkage. Guaranteeing the donor’s safety and comfort.
· Ensures that the donor is in a comfortable position.
· 4 Lockable castors for convenient movement.
· Attractive chair with resin cover and soft cushion for padding. Armrests that are comfortably wide.


Power Source : 230+/-10%VAC,50Hz/60Hz, Single Phase Fuse : 250V, 1A, 5x20mm,
Type M, SB Lifting Capacity : 200Kg Weight of Donor Station : 75 Kg
Classification : Class I
Operation : 6 minutes / hour continuous
Power Consumption : Operation : 100W (Max),
Standby : 5W Movement
Position : Any Intermediate Position between Seating/Donation position and Vasovagal attack position
Movement Actuation : DC Motor and Torque multiplier
Initiation of motor movement : By operating the rocker switch
Arm Rests : Both swivel able and height adjustable
Upholstery : Soft upholstery of 2 ½ inch thickness
Upholstery colour : Dark Blue, Blue,Grey, Plain
Manoeuvrability : Provided with Caster wheels
Accessories :BCM Tray, BP Apparatus Tray, Tray for Accessories
Dimensions : Length of seat: 100 2cm, Length of back rest: 90 2cm Width: 67 20cm Length of arm rest: 60 1cm
Maximum height of leg rest: 80 2cm
Height of seat: 51 2cm
Vasovagal attack position height:66 2cm
Maximum height of back rest: 110 2cm
Interface : For connecting BCM Working
Environment : Temperature: 5° to 40°C
Relative Humidity: 30 to 75%
ATM Pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa Storing
Ingress of water : IPX0
Warning : Replace fuses with specified type & rating to protect from fire.
Standards &Approvals : EUCE.
Provided with two sets of Donor Couch Cover
Warranty: 3 Years


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