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Blood Bank Refrigerators come in five sizes and are designed to meet the stringent standards for storing whole blood. The instrument’s outer body is composed of thick gauge Mild Steel that has been powder coated, and the inner chamber is built of Stainless Steel (304). The Micro Controlled Temperature Controller with Audio Visual Alarm in Case of Temperature Deviation is included in the comprehensive assortment of 4°.0 C refrigerators. Baskets made of heavy-duty stainless steel (304). Set and process values are displayed. For simple mobility, the unit is mounted on a castor wheel. Microcontroller temperature controller featuring audible and visual alarms for high and low temperatures, as well as when the door is opened. Non-cfc refrigeration system w


1. Built in temp. recorder and controller position at eye level for better visibility and temp. monitoring.
2. One handed operation for replacement of chart paper
3. Door heater avoid moisture condensation in humid atmospheric condition.
4. Insulated door so as to ensure proper installation of refrigerator from atmospheric temperature. The door should also ensure that there is a clear view of the blood bags stored in all the trays from top to bottom.
5. Magnetic door gaskets
6. Internal fan position at 45o for uniform temp. maintenance all along inside the cabinet. Automatic switch off of the internal fan prevents the loss of cold air when the cabinet door is open.
7. Mesh type sliding stainless steel tray allows bag to be placed upright with sufficient air space to reduce sardine effect.
8. Separate inner acrylic door with magnetic latch ensures minimal loss of cooling.
9. Hotline around the mouth of the cabinet to prevent the moisture condensation.
10. Internal stabilizer ensures steady supply volt. For the whole blood storage cabinet.
11. Factory calibrated digital sensor dipped in liquid medium for accurate temp. measurement and temp. display.
12. Flicker free CFL for uniform lighting and better visibility of samples inside the cabinet
13. Smaller foot print less width ensures more space.
14. Audio-Visual alarms to alert any abnormal conditions as follows : a) Line in – Visual, b) Power – Visual,c) Compressor ON-Visual, d) Heater ON -Visual, e) Temperature HighAudio/Visual f) Temperature Low – Audio/Visual g) Door open – Audio/Visual, h) System OK – Visual, i) Battery Low – Visual, j) Battery ON – Visual, k) Power failure – Audio/Visual, l) Sensor failure – Audio/Visual, m) Chart change –
15. Visual Durable construction – Single body structure with stainless steel interior and MS sheet powder coated exterior. Frost free design Battery back-up for two hours for temperature recorder in case of powder failure
16. Factory calibrated digital temperature sensor dipped in liquid container to match the temperature of blood.
17. Type : Vertical Chamber
18. temperature range : Between 2o C – 6o C
19. Controlling resolution : 0.5o C
20. Chart range : 0 – 40o C
21. Display : 4 x 7 segment LED (Red)
22. Display resolution : 0.5o C
23. Recording : Made (in ink) on a weekly circular chart paper.
24. Refrigerant : R134a, CFC free Cabinet material :
25. Ext. MS sheet, 18 swg CR sheet, powder coated after 7 tank process. Internal – 22g Stainless steel sheet
26. Mounting : On castor wheels

Condensate evaporator : For automatic evaporation of condensate which collects in a tray provide at the rear of the cabinet (optional)
Internal lighting : Flicker free CFL Voltage Stabilizer : 1 KVA
Voltage stabilizer of suitable capacity.
built-in. Input volt. 160 – 270V, 50 Hz single phase AC Temp.
sensing method : Encapsulated digital Sensor dipped in 0.25% glycerine solution kept in a plastic bottle
Temp. recorder : Temp. recorder –cumcontrol unit (TRCU) Accuracy of temp.sensor : + 0.5o C Compressor OFF temp. : 4o C Compressor ON temp. : 5o C
Trays : Sliding trays (stainless steel)
Air circulation inside the chamber : Continuously operated forced air circulation using the evaporator
Fan Slide out rail : Heavy duty telescopic rail
Lamp : CFL lamp 14 W
Compressor : Hermetically sealed compressor Effective storage volume 300 L Bag capacity 450/350ml : 144/168
Power consumption : 1200W ;
Door : Triple pane door glass fitted in door frame made of 18swg CR Sheet, powder coatedwith structure finish and fitted with formed in position PUF Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) : 240V/10A
Acrylic door ring : Brass with chromium plating.
Accuracy of the chart : + 1o C
Duration of the chart : 7 days
Resolution of the recorder : 1o C
Method of recording ; Ink pen on paper
Manufacturing Standard : ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 13485: 2012
Certification : EUCE
Warranty: 2 years


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