Blood Transportation Box

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1. Fixed two temperatures setting adjustable to +4°C and +22°C.
2. Capacity to accommodate minimum 48 blood bags of 450 ml.
3. External dimension of each transportation box should be within 1000 -1500mm (L)X 800- 1000 mm (W)X 600- 700
mm (H)
4. Chest / Vertical Cabinet with built in handles and hinged door.
5. Body material is Polyethylene (corrosion free)
6. Smooth castors with stabilizers for flexibility and movement.
7. Ambient working temperature – 2°C to +43°C
8. Main power switch.
9. Microprocessor based temperature controller with integrated audio visual temperature alarm function on digital
monitoring display.
10. Separate selector switch for + 4°C and +22°C temperature settings.
11. Nominal DC power 12 / 24 volt and Nominal AC power 100 – 240 volt, 50/60Hz.
12. Automatic AC / DC power supply selection.
13. Automatic Cooling / heating operation.
14. Air cooled hermetically sealed DC compressor.
15. Vehicle fixation kit.
16. Controlled fan cooling system for constant air/temperature distribution.
17. For storage of Blood bags, minimum two (2) wire basket is provided in each box.
18. Power alarm audio and visual by LED. Audio alarm can be switched off. Temperature audio and visual high and
low alarm by LED.
19. Minimum Polyurethane insulation CFC free for the cabinet and the door.
20. Product is CE registered.
21.2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.


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