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The system is 3-way switch (On/Off/Touch)

System is brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life

Orbital diameter is 4 mm

The system is adjustable speed

System is Inbuilt counter balance for stable & safe opera

Timer setting is 0 to 999 minutes

The system is Digital display toggles between speed and time every 5 second.

The system is Programmable pulse mode function.

It is Silent operation

System is robust construction for stable operation.

System is Universal Power Supply.

Max RPM is 4200 RPM

Orbital diameter is 4 mmc

Motor Type is Brushless DC

System is Digital Display

Max Load Capacity is 500 gm

The system is Speed Setting

Dimensions is 205 x 136 x 138.5 mm

Timer Setting: Yes (min/sec)

Weight: 3 kg

The system is included Rubber disk and cup attachment.

The vendor is their set/ice center within 200 km of the institute. The vendor must provide the name and contact detail of their local service engineer.

The vendors much have supplied at least 100 instruments in the institutes of repute in north east india.




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