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Our Model WPC-10 is the finest Photoelectric Colorimeter that combines convenience in operation with high precision & accuracy in analysis. The result in the form of optical density transmission is available on the display.
Eight imported optical glass filters covering complete visible range of 400-700nm are mounted on a rotating disc. It’s all imported filters make it highly accurate as per international standards. Highly sensitive photo sensor and use of latest IC technology makes the instruments highly rugged, and economical in maintenance. A minimum sample volume of 1 ml is required to Carrey out the analysis. Provision has been made to switch on the lamp source only Built in battery backup of 8 hours.


Filters : 8 (All High Quality Optical Glass Filters)
Filters Range : 400, 450, 510, 520, 540, 570, 620, 700(nm)
Min.Volume : 1 ml.
Display : 2½ digit LED
Range : 400-700nm
Output: OD : 0 to 1.99
Resolution : OD : 0.01
Accuracy : 0.5%FS± 1 Digit
Detector : Hermetically Sealed Imported Photodiode
Light Source : 6.2V 0.3Amp.
Power : 230V±10% AC, 50Hz
Dimensions : L-33 cm. x W-30 cm. x H- 16.5cm.(approx.)
Weight : 2.5 Kg. Approx.
Accessories : Test Tube-5, Test Tube Stand, Dust Cover-1, Spare Light Source-2, Instruction Manual-1
Warranty : 2 Year warranty. extended warranty.


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