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Molecular system is based on Nested PCR technology and detection by DNA microarray technology.
Detection is based on dye hybridization and high resolution melting curve analysis (HRM) Blood culture ID is detect most common gram positive, gram negative bacteria and Fungus (Yeast) with antibiotic
resistance genes especially – mecA, VanA/B and KPC.
Reports is generated automatically without setting any threshold or manual base line adjustments.
System is able to do the comprehensive multiplex infectious syndrome based testing at one go (comprehensive panels) such as respiratory pathogens panel, gastrointestinal pathogens panel, Blood culture pathogens panel and meningitis pathogens panel.
Pneumonia Panel is a semi quantitative test, which is include antibiotic resistance genes especially, ESBL: CTX-M, Carbapenemases: KPC, NDM, Oxa48-like, VIM, IMP, Methicilin Resistance: mecA/mecC and MREJ.
System is very compact and not require molecular setup or infrastructure such as pre PCR area, Amplification area and post PCR area.
Respiratory panel is combine viral and bacterial targets directly from nasopharyngeal swab.
Minimum manual hands on time less than 5 min and results is available within 70 mins.
Gastro intestinal panel is detect bacteria, viruses as well as protozoa, especially for organisms like – vibrio, V cholera, Shigella, Diarrheagenic, E. coli, Rota Virus, Entamoeba, Cryptosporadium etc. directly from stool samples.2 2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.


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