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Model :- WVIM-500                            Make:- WESWOX


  • Highly precise metal base and column.
  • Superior measurement accuracy and repeatability for tight tolerance application.
  • Automatic video edge detection.
  • High resolution parafocal zoom lens.
  • Flat Field high resolution optics for sharp uniform images
  • Unmatched illumination flexibility for difficult measurements.
  • Powerful, flexible software for programmability.
  • Advanced mechanical design resulting in high speed & accuracy.
  • Manual operation with quick-moving stage.


Model No: WVIM -300 CNC WSVI-400-3D WVIM-500-CNC
Software QC-300 MSU-3DPro QC-5300
Measuring Range Standard 150mm X 100mm X 100mm
Measuring Range Optional X-Axis upto 500mm, Y-Axis upto 400mm, Z-Axis upto 300mm
Resolution 0.005 / 0.001 / 0.0005 / 0.0001 mm
Linear Accuracy (3+L/200)micron
Repeatability +/- (0.002) mm
Vision 1/3″ High Resolution CCD Camera
Magnification Optical Magnification 0.7x – 4.5x & Magnification on monitor 35x – 225x
Video Edge Detection Standard
Optional Hardware PC + 17″ TFT Monitor
Illumination Surface Fibre Optic / LED
Illumination Contour Halogen Lamp / LED
Operation Manual with Quick Release Knob
Base Platform & Column Metal Base
Platform load capacity 15 kg
Power Supply 220-240 V + /- 5%, 50/60 HZ
Motion Control through Joystick Optional
Programmable Light Control Optional
Touch Probe Optional
Non-Linear Error Correction Optional Standard Optional
Auto Focus Optional


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