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Model No. VATP- 1090A   Make- WESWOX

Digital vacuum automatic tissue processor with fume

control system


Salient features:

  • Vacuum selectable for both reagent and wax bath
  • Large graphical LCD display with membrane keypad.
  • Programmable memory up to 20 programs.
  • High quality specimen.
  • Battery backup to retain data.
  • Safety device
  • Available in 1 ltr & 2 Ltr capacities.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operation : Moving Tissue Type
  • Vacuum: Yes (0.053mpa)
  • Beaker capacity: 10
  • No of wax bath: 2
  • Temperature (paraffin): Ambient to 80 degree.
  • Infiltration time: up to 99hr 59 min.
  • No of programs: 20
  • Delay Start: up to 9 days
  • Safety device: yes
  • Fume exhaust fan: Optional (with active charcoal filter.)


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