Haemoglobin Analyser

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• Detect Hb with HCT value in whole blood.
• Based on photometric, board spectrum with compensation for turbidity and scattering.
• Specimen taken from fresh capillary or venous blood (EDTA and Heparin can be used) not more than 10μl.
• It is innovative, microprocessor controlled sensor system.
• Measuring range is 0-255g / L(0-25.5g/ dl, 0- 15.9 mmol/L)
• Measuring time is not more than 2 seconds.
• System is calibrated/ evaluated as per International Reference Method -ICSH OR CLSI
GUIDELINES as per International Reference Method
• System is Automatic self control and zero setting between every measurement.
• Operating Temperature is 15-35 Degree C.
• Integrated lithium-ion battery/AAA Battery with Approx 40 hours continuous backup
• light weight.
•Communication interface with USB /HID.
• Warranty 3 Years


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