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Covers of various brands and specifications
By adjusting the flow and speed of the sealing rubber, it can be compatible with imported and domestically produced multi-standard sealing glue, stepless adjustment and real-time response.
The process of storing stained slides has the function of blocking automatic detection and resetting alarms.
Automatically monitor the quality of the coverslip stained during the working process. The fragments and bad pieces are automatically discarded into the waste cassette. The sensor has self-checking functionto effectively improve work efficiency.
The alarm mode adopts various modes such as graphic display and sound, and the sound alarm automatically stops after 5 times.
Compatible with basket type, non-basket type and other types of dyeing racks, automatic identification, no manual conversion
Automatically carry out two rounds of slide scans during the work process, effectively reducing the leakage rate of the slides and improving the quality of work.
The slide out box has the function of putting it at any time and taking it at any time, and the machine automatically performs the operation; the machine without the exit box automatically detects and has the graphic sound alarm function.
Whether the dispensing needle is in real-time detection and alarm function at the working position, and a cleaning screen is designed at the storage position to effectively prevent the nozzle from drying (manual operation is required)
Color touch screen control interface, real-time dynamic prompts of operation instructions, simple and efficient operation, prevent misoperation
Slide grab has automatic adjustment positioning function, automatically reset after 3 failed capture and graphic and audible alarm
Provides two modes of dry sealing and wet sealing. Users can switch between the conventional parameters as needed.
Using large suction ultra-quiet exhaust fan, built-in replaceable activated carbon filter to enhance heat dissipation and effectively prevent air pollution


Specimen stained slide throughput:  200~400pieces/hour

Specimen stained slide holders:20~30pieces/holder

Output magazines:30piece/magazine


Cover slip stained magazine capacity:120~160 pieces /magazine

Specimen stained slide size:26*75mm

Cover slip size:24*50mm

Weight : 70kg


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