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The HISTOSCAN(I) is a histological slide scanner. The HISTOSCAN(I) design is designed for observation of histological samples, particularly medical/pathological tissue samples. The HISTOSCAN(I) allows scanning of histological samples mounted on a 25*75mm (1 x 3 inch) slide. With easy manipulation/setting, HISTOSCAN(I) allows the histological samples to be digitized in a matter of seconds.
Scanners are equipped with Histo View, which is just an editing package that combines with the product hardware driver to scan and adjust the effective quality parameters of the images in the Windows and Mac OS environment. HISTOSCAN(I) allows you to save scanned images in a variety of image formats, such as TIFF, BMP, and JPEG.
As a next-generation histological scanner, HISTOSCAN(I) has the ability to be suitable for most histological slide samples and can scan the entire histological slide image in a scanning area of 24.3×36.5mm. HISTOSCAN(I) also has a high resolution of up to 10,000 DPI and is suitable for a variety of micro applications, including advanced biology research in universities and basic biology research in high schools.
1. Fast and economical digitization of organizational samples
2. Histo View can be easily installed in PC/MAC system, with simple operation interface and powerful functions.
3. High dynamic range (3.8 OD), can easily identify each cell.
4. Wide range of applications, from basic histological research to high school biology research.
5. Equivalent to 75 times the resolution.
6. The newly designed rotatable polarizer holder (optional) allows scanning thin sections of polished rock on a 1×2 inch glass slide in bright field and polarized light
General technical parameters resolution:
10000×10000 DPI
Dynamic range:3.8OD
Scan area:24.3×36.5mm
Scanning medium:75x25mm section
Photo formats :TIFF, JPEG
Light : transmits LED white light
Operating systems : Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.5+
Volume:260 x155x70mm
Weight:1.05 KG


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