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1.The glass slide containing the organization is neatly discharged into the concave frame of the workpiece table, and the numbered part is hung on the side of the work table;
2.Take out the glue bottle and spin off the cone cover, cut a small section at the top of the cone, and drill a large and small suitable hole at the top;
3.In turn, drop a small drop of glue on the slide tissue and cover the cover glass slide, and gently press the cover glass with your finger to spread the glue evenly;
4. Turn on the machine power switch, use the left hand to send the glass slide with the cover glass from the left hole of the machine (can be single, or can be sent side by side), after 14 seconds, the glass will be automatically sent out from the right side, the glue is dry.
1.220 V power outlets must have secure ground wires;
2.Disconnect the power when the 2. is not working;
3.The glue box is specially made and can not be replaced by other containers;
4.Pay attention to finishing the slide in time to prevent clogging the exit.


1.Rated voltage:  AV220V±10%

2.Power frequency:  50±1 HZ

3.Rated power            : ≤100W

4.Speed:          30 tablets/min

5.Slide seat:     15


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