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Model No. – Prima Plusi Make – WESWOX

Reflecting Innovations in Optical design, Mechanical engineering & Illumination concepts, the PRIMA PLUS delivers evolved performance features to a growing list

of happy users.

  • Optical System: universal infinity plan achromatic system Stable & sturdy c shaped stand with well-contoured modular base, corrosion resistant paint and heat resistant pads.
  • Head: siedentopf binocular tube, inclined at 30° rotatable through 360°with IPD 55-75 mm and dioptric adjustment on both eyepieces. anti fungus treated, anti-reflection coated prism, compensating.
  • Eyepiece: wf 10x with pointer FN 18 paired with eye guards.
  • Nosepiece: low friction & fully parafocal quadruple revolving inward facing nosepiece (ball bearing type).
  • Objectives: keowa va series all new high definition Din infinity plan achromatic, anti fungus treated parafocal objectives:

Plan achromat 4x

Plan achromat 10x.

Plan achromat 40x(sl)

Plan achromat 100x (sl, oil)/1.25.

  • Stage: double layer graduated hard coated mechanical rectangular

stage size 142 x 133mm cross travel 75 (x) x 50 (y) mm on ball

bearing with right hand co-axial low drive controls & spring clip

double specimen holder.

  • Focusing: ergonomic low position co-axial coarse and fine focusing

system on ball bearing guide ways. Tension adjustment ring provided.

Upper limit stopper to prevent the specimen in high magnification


  • Condenser: moveable abbe condenser, Swing out achromatic (NA 0.9), for1.25X-100x iris diaphragm focusable with rack & pinion. Special day light blue filter in holder.
  • Illumination: Built in transmitted Kohler illumination. Bright LED with variable illumination control. Power input 220v, 50/60 hz or 110v ac as per ISO 9001 & CE standards & international build quality.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • The microscope is packed inside a STYROFOAM box with Dust Cover.
  • Styrofoam molded box.

Optional Accessories:

Dark Field, Phase contrast, Polarization Attachment, Camera Attachment


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