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Model No. EMT-1070A Make: WESWOX

Weswox Erma Type Microtome is a highly versatile sectioning device suitable for Medical Institutions, Research & Pathological Laboratories. This microtome has special application for cutting thin sections of histo-pathological specimens and also caters to the demands of industries such as Plastic, Leather, Textiles, and Rubber & Fertilizer. It is ideal for those who want to avail advantages of a Rotary Microtome at a moderate cost.
The entire mechanism stands on a heavy cast iron base ensuring stability and rigidity. Its compound slide ways of critical tolerances guide the specimen block. The metal hinged cover housing protects the internal mechanism against dust and paraffin waste, it can be conveniently opened for resetting, cleaning and lubricating. The Microtome is driven by a handle which can also be locked. Cutting sections are obtained in different thickness by mechanically operated crank through a knurled knob in front of the instrument.

The knurled knob is graduated in microns for feed setting and ready reference. A detent click action ensures positive adjustments in one micron increment.
The knife holder unit is equipped with a rotating knife clamp to adjust desired angles for best sectioning. It has forward and backward movements to ensure contact of specimen with the knife and lateral movement to get maximum use of knife edge. Smooth & accurate specimen movement is achieved with the time proven operating principles of the feed mechanism. Travel is entirely independent to the vertical movement of the specimen block. When the feed limit reaches to an end point, it disengages itself. To bring the feed screw back, the vice is pressed slightly and the main gear wheel is turned clockwise till the screw reaches its starting position. All parts are fabricated from selected alloys and the Microtome knife is manufactured from fine grain steel tested to maintain optimum sharpness strength.


Feed adjustments: 1-25 µm

Minimum thickness: 1 µm

Total Feed excursions: 28mm.

Overall Dimensions: 30 x 33 x 28 cms

Net Weight: 25 Kgs. approx.

Gross Weight: 35 Kgs. Approx

Accessories :-

Object Holders (3 Nos.): 1 Set

Knife 120mm in a box

Honing Stone

Lubricating Oil Bottle

Dust Cover

Operating Manual

Optional Accessories:- Razor Attachments, Microtome Razors/Knives, L-moulds, Object Holders, Honing Stones, Leather Straps, Micro abrasives, Razor/knife Sharpeners and Ribbon Conveyer etc.


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