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Feather touch key pad.
HDMI touch Digital display for adjusting time sequence.
Carousel type tissue processor with 12 stations of 2.0 litre each; 10 reagent stations, 2 wax baths.
Fixation, Dehydration, Paraffin infiltration of histological tissue specimens with fixatives, alcohol, solvents and paraffin wax.
Audible alarms, Error messages and warning code displayed through 7” screen.
Basic instrument with both vacuum control & fume control with vertical & spiral agitation.
MS Powder coated with anti rusting chemical coating.
12 stage timing sequence can be programmed with each step of 1 minute to 999 minutes.
infiltration time separately programmable for each station. Programmable for Fast infiltration protocol fro small or urgent biopesis.
Programmable to possibility of interupting an automatic process in the middle or before end of the run.
50 programs can be stored in the memory & Nine freely selectable programs
2 electronically controlled wax bath 10oC to 80oC, accuracy of + 1oC.
2 stainless steel basket rotors.
Ergonomic Control Panel with full protected keybord & LCD. PID Controller controlled from main LCD screen.
Eco Friendly user, Easily editing and changing of Programs, even during a processing run.
Automatically immerse in a station during the power failure.
Electronic locking facility with multi tier password protected screens for different users to avoid inadvertent operation.
Tissue processor is vacuum to all the reagent containers.
Tissue processor is delayed start function up to 7-9 days with Auto-restart function.
Evenly Perforated SS basket suspended from a basket rotor for gentle and even rotation of tissues in the processing fluids.
User programmable parameters like infiltration time delay time, vacuum on-off, agitation on-off and 80-100 cassettes capacity.
60 seconds to minimize reagent carryover from station to station.
Real Time Date, Month and year. Individual Wax bath Set temperature and attain temperature, running program name & no., Station No. and name in which Tissue basket is running, Station set time and lapse time.
Suitable Online UPS & batteries with backup of minimum 1 hour.
Warranty : 2 years warranty Extended warranty can be provided on request.


Operation : Microprocessor Based.
S.S. Basket : 2
Basket Rotor : 2
Beaker or vessel Capacity : 2 ltr
No. of beakers or reagent station : 10
No. of Wax baths : 2
Tissue Cassettes : 150-200 (basket capacity)
Tissue Cassette Size (dia) : 36mm
Vacuum selection : 0.053 MPA
Wax or Paraffin Bath : 2 or 3
Temperature Range : 0-85oC
Infiltration time per station : 60 sec
Delay Time : Start/Delay Time Selectable upto 9 days
Warranty : 2 year from date of installation


In emergency or long electricity failure, side lifting handle provided to take out tissue basket.
Battery Back up for processing of tissue basket in case of long power failure in hours.
5000 plastic cassettes.


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