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MODEL NO. WT-3BL     MAKE: WESWOX                                                                

10000.00 Most useful for Pathological labs. Brushless, Maintenance free A. C. Motor without Carbon. Maximum speed 2850 rpm. Manual speed control. Square Mild steel body duly finish in powder coating. See thru Acrylic lid with lock. Supply completed with 8x15ml angle head. (Means rotor head is included in prices)

  • Bench Top Clinical Centrifuge Machine.
  • The body is made of CRC sheet, finished in powder coating.
  • See thru acrylic lid. 4 Fitted with mechanical Timer 0-99 minutes and a manual blind speed Controller.
  • Maximum speed 3000 r.p.m. (without load) and 2850 rpm on load.
  • Equiped with maintenance free brushless (without carbon) motor.

Supply is completed with 8x15ml Angle head, instruction manual, spare fuses, cord & plug to work on 220volts 50Hz A. C.


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