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Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, multipurpose.
Microprocessor controlled pre programmed speed controller which can control RPM as well as RCF.
Heavy duty C.R.C. construction finished with powder coating.
Stainless Steel centrifugal bowl of 304 grades for extra protection and easy cleaning and rotor Anodized aluminum for high chemical resistant.
Fitted with well balanced Brushless motor (without carbon) with Electronic drive low profile induction motor.
Microprocessor based PID digital temperature controller cum indicator, (with LCD display) to control the temperature from +40oC to -20oC.
Digital timer 99h, 59 minutes, 59sec, Manual and Electronic lid lock and fast spin option and rotor identification.
Selection of 9 acceleration (rpm <14s) + 10 deceleration profile and breaking time <15s. 0 to 50 and relative humidity 15 to 80% Automatic rotor recognition foil keypad for programming and easy cleaning stores up to 0-50 Program and rotor identification facility with pre-cooling. Microprocessor based. Programmable Speed Regulator from 500 to 20000 in interval of 100rpm. Rotor feature with reference to Autoclavable rotor @ 121oC. 4 lines, 40 characters. LCD display for set time, run time, set and run rpm, rcf and rotor identification with Facility of timer with option of continuous run has been provided. Fast temp for achieving required temperature in shortest possible time and refrigerated and ready-for-use at your desired pre-set time. Last test parameter recall and display automatically on LCD. P.I.D. Electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator is fitted to control the centrifuge temp. From room temp. Up to<-10oC to 40oC. Dynamic brake (automatic) and imbalance detector are provided. Power Consumption 750watt. Backlit graphical liquid crystal display low access height 25cm. Supplied completed with instruction manual, cord & plug to work on 220volts 50Hz A.C. 2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request. Condensed water drainage system provided.


Angle Rotor 12×1.5/2.2ml. With adopters 0.5/0.2ml.
Angle Rotor 24×1.5/2.2ml. 
Angle Rotor 8x15ml. 
Angle Rotor 6x50ml. 
Angle Rotor 4x100ml. 
Angle Rotor suitable for PCR strip tubes-capacity 4 strips of 8×0.2ml .
Swing out head 8x50ml.
Swing out rotor head for 2 plates of 96 wells.
Swing out rotor head for 6 plates of 96 wells.


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