Profile Projector

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Model No. WPP-5100  Make:WESWOX

Profile Projector  : Having 300mm dia 360 degree rotatable graduated

screen with vernier and 90 degree cross hair line for angle measurement,

With X-Y movement on ball bearing slides travel upto 25 X 25 mm with

Micrometer heads (50mm dia) least count of 0.01mm for  X-Y

measurement, Having both contour (12V/100W) lamp and two surface

(12v/35W)lamps, Travel X-Y movement (Standard) :25x25mm,

Maximum size of object view : 28mm (dia), Maximum Height of

Object view :  50 mm (Under 10x magnification), Maximum Height of Object view :60mm (Under 20x,50x &100x), Micrometers (50mm Dia) :25mm (L.C 0.01mm), X-Y Bed Size :150mm X 150mm, Standard Magnification :10x & 20x.


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