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 The use of microscopic image analysis system is the most reliable technique to characterize particle shape and to characterize a particle size and volume distribution. Tradition method, such as laser diffraction, although efficient, gives limited information on particle shape. The particle size, distribution and shape of the particles can effect bulk properties, product performance, process ability, stability and appearance of the end product in Pharma industry.
The software is useful to measure and analyses the particle size, particles shape, particle count, foreign particle detection, particle structure, homogeneity, surface, coatings thickness. For spherical particles (which are rarely uncounted in pharmaceutical powders) the diameters are sufficient to describe the particle size. For non- spherical particles, ferret’s diameter, Particle orientation, Particle shape, elongation, convexity, circularity, circle equivalent diameter are measured.
This software is also useful to study the polarizing effects which study the cross section through pharmaceutical tablets by preparing thin-sections on slide with UV curing adhesive for final polishing. The cross section reveal the spatial distribution of components in the tablets so that any post compression change (eg polymorph conversions or change in the hydration state of components) can be investigated.


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