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WESWOX India, the leading manufacturers of laboratory and hospital equipments are also manufacturing “the disposal syringe destroyer cum needle burner as per international standards.

Aids, Hepatitis  B can also be prevented by destroying used disposable syringes and needles. Which are being recycled  i.e these are thrown in dustbin, being collected by Pickers, It is understood that the pickers who sell these to othercontractors, they washed and supply even some repacks these used syringescand needles in blisen packing and thus are recycled.


The machine has now become the necessity of each and every hospital, nursing home, PHC, Blood Banks, because big incinerators are very difficult to be afforded by every doctor or small nursing homes etc. Further Plastic syringes cannot be burnt in big incinerators because of tough rules and regulations of Pollution Control Board. (By Burning Plastic in incinerator, it releases Silicon Di oxide Gas at 900°C). This gas causes dangerous disease like cancer.

Today, it has become necessity to destroy the disposable syringe and burn the infected disposable needles to avoid recycling.

Technical Specifications:

Light Weight, Portable and compact.

Housing is molded type, shock proof and made of ABS Plastic.

Provided with a removable discharge tray made for easy disposal of syringe hubs.

Having the provision to burn the needle & to cut the syringe tips.

Fitted with hardened blade SS cutter to cut syringes.

It is able to destroy needles of type up to 18G.

Able to destroy minimum of 5 injection needles on continuous operation.

Works on 220-240Vac/50Hz electric supply

Fitted with Power On/Off switch and an indication for power.

Properly insulated for the protection from electrical hazard.

Supplied with 5 Nos fuse of adequate rating.

CE Marked.


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