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The WESWOX LOOP Sterilizer sterilizers microorganisms utilizing infrared heat produced by a ceramic core element .The ceramic element contains no asbestos and ensures maximumsterility without splatter across the work surface area. Complete sterilization occurs within 5-7 seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature of 15000 F ( 8250C) . The small footprint makesthe WESWOX LOOP Sterilizer an ideal instrument for anaerobic and aerobic chambers alike. Several user friendly accessories are also available for the WESWOX Sterilizer .
1 Sterilizes needles, loops and culture tube months in five to seven seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature of 8250C ( 15000F.
2 Adopts infrared thermal energy sterilization method , easy operation , no pollution to the environment , safe and conventent and can completely replace alcohol lamps
3 Ceramic funnel tube enclosed in stainless steel perforated guard and stainless steel support stand foe AC220V 50/60 Hz
4Application : widely used in bio safety cabinets , clean bench , near exhaust fan , mobile , vehicles even outdoor and others severe environment can be easily used .


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