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Laser printing and easy for maintaining.
2.Capacity : 150 Slides
3.Print accuracy≥1250dpi clear printing content.
4.Print online or off-line.
5.Capability of linking with the management system
of the pathology department.
6.The writing is clear and delicate, never wears out or
fades, which meets the characteristic requirements of keeping slides for long-term reference.
7.No need for preheating, can be immediately used after starting up, safe and noiseless, and free of maintenance.
8.Bilingual in English, simple and practical.
9.Support printing by QR code scanning, printing on demand.
10.Support Bar-code scanner inputting.


Short Desc : Slide Laser Printer

3.Average printing speed: ≤3S/slide

4.Printing accuracy: ≥1250pi

5.Maximum Capacity: ≥ 150 slides

6.Minimum Capacity: ≥ 7 slides

7.Ambient Humidity: 45-85%, no condensation

8.Easy for maintaining: maintain without disassembling

9.Dimensions: 465*200*361mm(Length*Width*Height)

10.Laser Power: Pulse laser≤2W

11.System interface: Integrate with LIS/HIS/P IS

12.Printing Methods: Print online or off-line

13.Loading method: Cartridge clip type

14.External device: Support Bar-code scanner inputting

15.Consumable items: 5×75mm, 1-1.2mm glass slide


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