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OPTICAL SYSTEM : Universal Color corrected Infinity corrected Optical system
STAND : Single Mould Stable & sturdy C shaped stand with well-contoured modular base, corrosion resistant
paint and heat resistant pads. Extended base for better stability. Durable textured acid resistant finish.
VIEWING HEAD : Siedentopf Binocular/Trinocular tube, inclined at 30° rotatable through 360° with IPD 55-75 mm.
Anti fungus treated.
EYEPIECES : Focussable Eyepiece WF 10x FN 20mm paired with eye guards, anti-fungus field eyepiece. one with
pointer. Diopter adjustment is present on both eyepiece.
NOSEPIECE : Low friction & fully parafocal Reverse angle quintuple Backward tilting Revolving nosepiece (Ball
bearing type) with click stop & rubber grip.
OBJECTIVES : KEOWA BJ series All New High Definition Infinity Plan DIN parafocal Plan Achromatic lenses,
Anti fungus anti mold treated objetives, well centered even if their position on turret is changed.
PLAN ACHROMAT/APO 4x/0.10 WD 15.5mm.
PLAN ACHROMAT/APO 10x/0.25 WD 7mm.
PLAN ACHROMAT/APO 40x(SL)/0.65 WD 0.71mm.
PLAN ACHROMAT/APO 100x(SL, Oil)/1.25 WD 0.14 mm.
FOCUSING : Ergonomic low position co-axial coarse and smooth fine focusing system on ball bearing guideways.
Torque MODULE adjustment ring provided. Fine Graduation 2.5micron. Coarse movement
stroke 25mm. fine focusing movement sesitivity, min. 300microns.
STAGE : Ceramic coated rackless Double layer graduated mechanical rectangular stage size 140 x 100mm
wire cross travel 70 (X) x 30 (Y) mm on ball bearing co-axial controls spring clip specimen holder.
Focus lock for mechanical stage provided.
CONDENSER : Movable substage ABBE condenser, with aspheric lens NA 1.25, daylight blue filter & variable Iris diaphragm.
Centrable.C ompatiblew ith 4x-100x, with slider slot for DF and phase contrast slider.
ILLUMINATION : Koehler Illumination, Super Bright White LED cold Light or 6V 20W Halogen Lamp. SMPS
circuit for constant voltage output. Blue filter 45mm.
POWER : Universal Power Supply 100 V to 240 V,AC 50-60 Hertz, CE Compliant. Battery back up 1-8hrs.
PACKAGING : The microscope is packed inside a STYROFOAM box with Dust Cover.
STANDARD : Styrofoamm olded box, dust cover, instruction manual, fuse, spare bulb 4 no.s, spare.
WARRANTY : 3 years warranty. Extended warranty can be extended as per Customer Requirement.
OPTIONAL : Fluorescent attachment, polarizing attachment, LED pointer, mirror attachment, dark field
attachment, camera attachment, Digital Camera with suitable software.


Image Sensor : 1/1.8 (6.9mmx4.9mm” CMOS. Digital CMOS colour camera.
§ Resolution : 2448H X 2048V(8.0MP).
§ Frame rate : @35 FPS
§ Pixel : 3.45um x 3.45um
§ Frame Rate : 10-15 fr/sec live display.
§ Exposure Control : 100ms-30s. One pust Auto exposure
§ Output Interface : USB-3.0 & 2.0
§ Software : Preview, static capture, video capture.
§ System Required : Microsoft windows 2000, XP SP2/SP3, Vista; USB2.0 Port.
§ Application : High resolution imaging. Capture BH/PH/Fluorescence images.
§ Mount : C/CS mount 0.65x
§ Image File Type : JPEG, PNG, SFT, TGA, BMP, TIF.


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