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— Rust proof construction.
— Lockable hand wheel at any position allowing change of blade/specimen
easier and safe.
— Fully –motorized Rotary Microtome with low-maintenance and backlashfree
precision micrometer feed system with step motor.
— The sectioning speed can be adjusted while motorized sectioning is in
— Quick clamping systems for fast removal (e.g. for cleaning) or exchange of
specimens clamps. Rapid specimen exchange with fast homing within 13-15
sec from front to rear and programmable Memo position.
— Self –adjusting specimen retraction system for manual cutting mode with
on/off function.
— Lateral knife adjustment with three predefined stop position to ensure that
the entire width of the blade is used without releasing the blade clamping.
— Emergency stop button on the microtome front or E-Function in optional
foot stop will interrupt motorized sectioning immediately in case of
— Large storage capacity on the top of the instrument for easy access of tools.
— Two independent hand-wheel locking systems, plus one electronic brake
after motorized usage, ensure that the hand-wheel is safety locked.
— Finger protection guard to protect the used from any injuries caused due to
— Ergonomic handle of the safety hand wheel can be centered while working
— Horizontal feed and vertical stroke mechanisms are based on cross roller
— Robust and stable base plate for maximum stability to the microtome.
— Ergonomic and user friendly design.
— Section thickness settings for trimming and sectioning can be selected and
saved independently of each other.
— Section Waste tray to collect section waste and is easily removable for
cleaning purposes.
— Smooth-running hand-wheel allows two manual sectioning modes: rocking
mode and conventional manual sectioning with full hand-wheel rotation,
and 3 motorized sectioning modes: single, continuous and step.
— Unique operator-adjustable force balancing system with spring force
compensation offering two advantages: Flexibility to adapt the spring force
to different weights of specimen/clamps, eliminating the risk of an object
head dropping into the knife, No need for a heavy counter balance in the
— LCD Display with Feather Touch Keypad with Unique rocking mode
functioning on the control panel for rapid trimming. Slicing/Trimming
Mode. TOUCH Fast Forward/Backward Function. TOUCH
Increase/Decrease Section Thickness. TOUCH Section Counter/Section
thickness totalizer display retraction value, hand wheel lock function.
— Unique magnetized antistatic section waste tray holds a large volume of
— Motorized Feed & Coarse Drive in two speeds.
— Programmable specimen retraction system for manual cutting mode with
ON/OFF function.
— Universal Cassette clamp secures cassettes horizontally as well as vertically
and is optimized for the use with cassettes.
— Precision micrometer feeding system with 3-4 nodes of sectioning
— Individually, adjustable sectioning range on the specimen size (sectioning
— Visual/acoustic signals indicate the remaining feed and the front and rear
travel limits.
— Two-in one blade holder with colored safety guard and safe blade ejection
can be used with both high or low profile blades.
— Electronic coarse feed speeds of 3 different choices as per user’s comfort:
Slow forward and backward: 300 μm/s, fast forward:800 μm/s and super fast
backward (fast homing): 1800 μm/s
— Motorized horizontal specimen head movement should be done in 2 ways:
Using the coarse feed buttons on the control panel in two speeds per
direction in continuous or in step feeding mode, Using the ergonomically
positioned and unique coarse feed wheel which can be personalized by user
selectable preferred turn direction.
— Precision specimen orientation with horizontal and vertical rotation of +/-8°,
and calibrated controls, help to quickly orient both new and previously cut
specimens (re-cuts). Two red indicators help to rapidly return back to the
exact zero position.
— Electro mechanical feed system for fine and trimming section thickness and
forward and backward specimen movements via stepping motor.
— Able to provide section thickness range of 0.5 micron to 100 micron.
— Trimming thickness feed via precision stepping motor for 5 micron to 100
— Knife holder to hold both high profile & low profile disposable blades with
UCC & SSC clamps.
— Horizontal feed range 24-28mm and vertical specimen stroke length 65+/-
— Operable at 230V, 50Hz.
— Fully capable of dual mode: Motorized & Manual sectioning applications.
— Specimen retraction in motorized sectioning mode: self adjusting, speed
dependent- a very important feature in a microtome.
— 2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.


Section thickness setting : 0.5-100μm
— Setting values : From 0.5μm-5μm in 0.5μm increments
From 5μm- 20μm in 1μm increments
From 20μm-60μm in 5μm increments
From 60μm-100μm in 10μm increments
— Trimming Thickness Setting : 1μm-600μm
— Setting values : From 1μm-10μm in 1μm increments
From 10μm- 20μm in 2μm increments
From 20μm- 50μm in 5μm increments
From 50μm- 100μm in 10μm increments
From 100μm- 600μm in 50μm increments
— Minimum Setting value : 0.5μm
— Horizontal Stroke : 24-30mm
— Vertical Stroke : 65-70mm
— Orientation : x, y axis 8o Z axis to 360o
— Retraction : 0 to 250μm (in 5μm increments) can be turned off
— Max. Specimen Size : 50X50X30mm for large clamp, 68x48x15mm for super cassette clamp.
— Sectioning speed range : Adjustable
— Operation : Semi-automatic, Fully automatic.
— Nominal Voltage : 220V, 50Hz/110V, 60Hz


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