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System is pre-treatment kit with 5 mico m and 1 micro m filter followed by 3 stage pre-treatment cartridge consisting of activated carbon,
anti scaling agents and 0.5 mico m depth filter to protect down stream cartridge.

Suitable pre-treatment unit for removing hardness, iron, manganese, organics and coarse particles so as to ensure output water quality as
specified below Motor and booster pump for feed pressure.

R O grade water system
Prefilter with anti-scaling and activated carbon reverse osmosis if required for the quoted model. The reverse osmosis module is made up of
thin film composite polyamide RO membrane with rejection rate of 94-99%.

Conductivity cell after RO membrane to check health of RO membrane.

Feed water handling of conductivity up to 2000 microns/cm.

Water is treated with Single wavelength UV (254 nm) in Type 2 RO stage system and Double Wavelength UV (254/185 nm) in Type 1 system. Life of UV is more than 2 years.

TYPE 2 RO Stage Water Quality:
1 Flow rate: 10-15 L/hr
2 Organic ion removal up to 99%
3 Resistivity: 5-15M ohm cm at 25 deg C
4 Particulates (<0.22 mico m): <1ml 5 TOC < 30 ppb 6 Colloidal index SDI < 3 7 Feed water pressure bar: 0 -5 8 Reservoir of 40- 50 L capacity of HDPE quality 9 Electrical feed voltage 90 – 230V ± 10% E Type 1 Ultra pure water machine producing water of the following quality: 1 Output/flow rate up to: 0.05 to 2ml/min. 2 Conductivity of 0.055 microns/cm 3 Resistivity of 18.2 mega ohm. Cm at 25 deg C 4 Bacteria cfu/ml < 0.1 5 Particles : <1/ml 6 TOC: < 5 ppb 7 Endo toxin: < 0.001EU/ml 8 A flexible dispensor for type I water is provided. 9 Provison of TOC monitor and display for Type I system. 10 DNASe and RNAse free All the consumable & cartridges required for the proper functioning of the water purification system should be supplied free of cost during the warranty period(considering 2 sets per year) and bidder should also quote their unit price separately, which will be fixed during warranty period and will be considered for price evaluation.


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