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Mechanical Body: Track stand with fan type base with rugged construction and good in aesthetics.
Trinocular Observation Head : Galileo optical system left & right parallel optical path. Observation head inclined from 35°. Vertical phototube for micro photography. Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube. Inter-pupillary distance from 55mm to 75mm. Tilting trinocluar tube with the port to attach camera.
Optical System : Galilien optical system, trinocular microscope body/stand with total zoom ratio of 0.8x to 5.6x (7).
Objective lens : Apochromatic 0.5x, 1.0x WD 80mm, 2.0x. Numerical aperture 0.05
Base Size is 330mmX300mm Incident and transmitted light system with LED lamp with Ring light. LED illuminator , complete with all required accessories, attachments, power supply, housing, power cord, AC adaptor, if needed, etc. Long life LED, approx. 50000 HRs life with 6 watt power. Neutral white light, approx. 5600 K. Controller should keep constant colour temperature. Adjustment of light path selection. Port for attaching camera. Transformer has intensity control knob. On/off switch to provide flexibility to use either both light or any of them. Clip for holding specimen. Lateral zoom control movement.
Eyepiece: Wide field 10X eyepieces, F.N.22, focusable, with interpupillary distance adjustment.
Zooming Range & Ratio: Zoom 0.66X to 5.1 with magnification ratio of 8:1.
Magnification Range: 6.6Xto 5.1X.
Working Distance:80-110 mm
Warranty : 2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.
Optional Accessories: Camera with software, 0.5x Auxiliary Lens, 2x Auxiliary lens, 2 KVA voltage stabilizer is supplied with the equipment.
Standard Accessories: Operating manual, dust cover, guarantee card and styrofoam molded pack.


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