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Mechanical Body : Track stand with fan type base. Lateral zoom control movement. Reflected & transmitted LED illuminator. Clip for holding specimen. Base size is 285mm X 238mm. ESD capability body needed.
Optical System : Greenough optical system design allowing high numerical aperture.
Head : Observation head inclined at 40-45° rotatable at 360°. Vertical phototube for micro photography. Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube (±5). Interlock adjustment feature Inter-pupillary distance from 50mm to 76mm. Trinocular eyepiece tube type arrangement. Arrangement of trinocular tube with (built in 0.5X) type C-mount facility. Capable of LEFT/RIGHT movement.
Focus : Resolution within the range of minimum 3.5 megapixel or better. CMOS type sensor built up (around 1/2.5-inch size of the sensor or better).
Eyepiece : Wide field 10X (paired) F.O.V. 20-22mm.
Zooming Range : Zoom 0.6X to 5X with magnification ratio of 6.5:1.
Objective : 1x Objective.
Magnification Range : 6X-50X.
Working Distance : 110 mm
Illumination System: Incident and transmitted light systems with LED lamps. Both lights are regulated with power supply and has separate brightness.
Warranty : 2 Years warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.
Optional : Camera with software, Compatible PC.


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