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Model No. HLX-40    MAKE : WESWOX


A complete and latest polarimeter equipped with finest optical

components and designed to accept observation tubes upto 220mm

length. Its improved rotating half shadow system at the front ensures

perfect focus and clear defination during examination of all type of

specimens. Its highly accurate glass scale is divided to read angular

degrees and also carries sugar scale in I.S.S. Units. The angular scale

from 0 to 360 degrees is subdivided to 1degree to enables direct

reading to 0.05 and by estimation 0.02 degree. The sugar scale from 30

degree to 120 degree I.S.S. units enables direct reading to 0.01 and by

estimating of 0.05 sugar degrees.


Supplied complete with two polarimeter tubes (100mm and 200mm)

in a sturdy box.

Optional Sodium lamp with power supply for the above.


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