Inclined Monocular Research Microscope

Best way to start learning Microscopy is with the versatile WESWOX PHOTOPLAN Series with KEOWA Optics.

When you are looking for a microscope that gives you the ultimate in comfort and quality at a reasonable price, take a close look at the WESWOX PHOTOPLAN SERIES Microscope.

PREMIUM quality KEOWA optics provides clear and bright images and 40% larger field of view as compared to ISI marked microscopes

As user comfort has become ever more important in the laboratory, the WESWOX PHOTOPLAN SERIES has been designed to maximize ergonomic flexibility with substantial improvements in posture management for long term use.

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(with built-in light arrangement)



Technical Specifications:

Stand –Rigid & Heavy single mold aluminum die-cast stand.

Observation Head- Monocular head inclined at 45o and rotatable in 360o.

Eyepiece -10x WF anti-fungal eyepiece. H6x extra.

Nosepiece – Quadruple ball bearing revolving nose piece

Objectives- 10x/NA 0.25, 40x/NA 0.65(SL) and 100x/NA 1.25(SL) Oil imm.

Stage – Size 120x140mm with co-axial controls for X & Y movement.

Focusing – Separate coarse and fine knobs reading upto 0.002mm.

Condenser- NA 1.25 fitted with iris diaphragm and blue filter holder.

Illumination- LED illumination with variable intensity control.

Power- AC input 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz ISO 9001, CE approved.

Packaging Contents- Styrofoam molded, Nylon Dust cover,


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