Medical Cenrifuge WM-7

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Generalise specs are mentioned at Page No. 1 rest are as under
The body is made of rust proof ABS injection moulding with metallic centrifuge bowl.
Fitted with microprocessor based pre programmable speed controller to control speed from 500 – 2850 r.p.m. in the interval of 250 R.P.M, Max. R.C.F. 1325 xg.
Timer :- 0-59 minute and can be set in an interval of 1 minute.
16 Holes for 16 Vacutainers Swing Out Type Rotor Head
LCD display for R.P.M., R.C.F., Set Time, Run Time.
After the time is over a beap sound will come.
Last parameters will recall automatically.
Warranty 2 year Extended warranty can be provided on request.


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