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Observation Head : Trinocular head, inclined 35-400, 3600 rotatable with HDMI Camera (Optional) with connectivity to computer.
Stand : Stand type : Universal stand with Sturdy base dual swivel feature & ESD Compatibility. The Eyepiece, Microscope body (with zoom adjustment), Bonder arm (with focus adjustment) & stand are ESD compatible.
Optical System : Greenough optical system with 10° convergence angle for image flatness and depth of focus.
Microscope : Optics carrier, with trinocular head 35-40 degree inclined. Eye piece with 10X magnification to be provided. Eyepiece shall be of design with proper pupil aberration control and appropriate eye point.
Eyepiece : WF 10x FOV 20mm with diopter adjustment, adjustable with exchangeable eyecup along with crosshair reticle.
Zooming Range & Ratio : Zoom 7x to 45x with magnification ration of 6.4:1.
Boom Stand : Boom Stand with chromium-plated steel Base plate for swing arm stands, with dimensions approx. 330x220mm x 34mm and approx. weight of 20Kg, with Anti Shock feet.
Swivel Range : a) 180° swivel mechanism for bonder arm independent of horizontal arm
b) 360° swivel mechanism for horizontal arm around vertical column
Total length of horizontal arm & bonder arm : ≥ 580mm
Horizontal arm adjustment range : ≥ 250mm
Vertical column height : ≥ 470mm
Vertical height adjustment range : ≥ 300mm.
Magnification Range : 7x to 45x
Objective : 1X Objective Lens Field of view : a) 32mm (min.) at lowest magnification b) 4.5mm(min.) at highest magnification. Auxiliary Objective Lens Optional : 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x&2x.
Working Distance : 110 mm (min)
Mechanical Body : Boom Articulated stand, Lateral zoom control movement.
Illumination : LED Ring Light with variable power to change intensity Operating voltage : 220/240V AC, 50 Hz, 1Φ. The ground lead wire can be connected to the stand base to be provided.
EPI Illumination System : Led ring LIGHT SYSTEMS, Regulated with power supply and has separate brightness control.
Operating Temperature : 25° ± 15°
Standard Accessories : Operating manual, dust cover, guarantee card and Styrofoam molded pack.
Warranty : 2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.



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