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WESWOX offers Microprocessor based digital temperature contoroller with led display along with provision for manual thermometer ,timer 1min to 100 hrs Temp range am. biet to 90°, Interior chamber made of Stainless steel for easy cleaning/decontamination. rust free. Heating and natural convection for homogenous temp. distribution. Temp Accuracy +/- 1°C, 2 adjustable shelves, inner chamber have transparent glass/fiber door, Power 230 +/110V, 50Hz.


300x300x300                 12”x12”x12”           2                     28 Ltr.
350x350x350                  14”x14”x14”           2                     45 Ltr.
400x400x400                 16”x16”x16”           2                     65 Ltr.
450x450x450                  18”x18”x18”           2                     95 Ltr.
600x450x450                  24”x18”x18”          2                     125 Ltr.
600x600x600                 24”x24”x24”         2                     224 Ltr.
900x600x450                 36”x24”x18”          2                     252 Ltr.
900x600x600                36”x24”x24”          2                     336 Ltr.
900x900x900                36”x36”x36”          3                      720 Ltr.

Optional Accessories :
• Air Circulating fan
• Timer 1min to 100 hrs.
• Digital temp. Indicator cum controller
• Microprocessor PID Digital Temp. Indicator Cum Controller with timer
• Digital Temp. Indicator



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