Incubator Bacteriological

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WESWOX offers Bacteriological Incubator available in two types i.e. either inner chamber made Anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel Thermostat controlled. Temp. 5 degree C above room temp, to 90° degree C accuracy ±1° degree C, glass window to observe the sample placed inside the chamber without disturbing the thermal condition. Complete with accessories. all the control switches and piolet lams are  fitted on the front panel. CFC Free Cooling. Low/ High Temperature alarm.


300x300x300      12”x12”x12”    2      28 Ltr.
350x350x350       14”x14”x14”    2      45 Ltr.
400x400x400      16”x16”x16”    2      65 Ltr.
450x450x450       18”x18”x18”    2      95 Ltr.
600x450x450      24”x18”x18”    3-4  125 Ltr.
600x600x600     24”x24”x24”    2      224 Ltr.
900x600x450      36”x24”x18”    2      252 Ltr.
900x600x600      36”x24”x24”   2      336 Ltr.
900x900x900      36”x36”x36”    3      720 Ltr.

Optional Accessories :
• Air Circulating fan.
• Timer 0-24 hrs.
• Digital temp. Indicator cum controller.
• Microprocessor PID Digital Temp. Indicator Cum Controller with timer.
• Digital Temp. Indicator.


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