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Model No. – FM-1000 Make – WESWOX


  • Stand: Stable & Sturdy stand with well-contoured modular base, corrosion resistant paint, anti-fungus treated.
  • Observation Head: Siedentopf Trinocular observation head inclined at 30o and 360o Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube. Interpupillary distance from 53 to 75mm.
  • Eyepiece: Wide Field Eyepiece 10x (PAIRED) FOV 22mm anti-fungal and with eyeguards.
  • Nosepiece: Reverse angle quadruple (4-position) nosepiece revolves on ball bearing (tilted backwards). Soft rubber knurled grip on nosepiece.
  • Fluorescent Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives
  • Plan FL Fluorescent objective 4x/ 0.10.
  • Plan FL Fluorescent objective 10x/ 0.25.
  • Plan FL Fluorescent objective 40x/ 0.65.
  • Plan FL Fluorescent objective 100x/ 1.25
  • Stage : Double layer graduated mechanical rectangular stage with Size 210mmx140mm (Better), cross travel 75(X) x 50(Y) mm on ball bearing co-axial controls, driven right and spring clip specimen holder, on left.
  • Focusing : Low position co-axial coarse and fine focusing control on ball bearing guide ways with pre focusing lever & tension adjustment ring.
  • Condenser : Sub-stage ABBE condenser center able, NA 0.9/1.25 with aspheric lens.
  • EPI Fluorescent Attachment : The Epi-illumination is through LED illumination. The Fluorescent light spectrum range 420mm – 650mm
  • One exciting light waves B (blue light)
  • Comprising of : Exciting filter (EX) comprising of – Blue light (EX-490)
  • Color Separation Prism (DM) comprising of – Blue Light (BA530)
  • Position of ordinary transmission light (Central)
  • ILLUMINATION : Illumination Box with LED lamp, Power Supply Unit 220 Volt Orange coloured Plastic screen to safeguard the Operator from UV light.
  • POWER : Universal power supply (AC input 85V~265V, 50/60 Hz).

Standard Accessories : Packed in Moulded STYROFOAM box with Instruction manual, cleaning cloth, dust cover, mains cable.

Warranty Information

1 Year

Optional Accessories:

WF 20v FOV 16mm.

Provision for extra filter block UV & V.


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