Stand: Pole Dual light stable stand with focusing knob and
built in slip clutch. Track stand with fan type base.

Illumination: Built in illumination both for incident light
15W Halogen, with variable intensity control and sub-stage
transmitted fluorescent lamp 7 W. Both lights can be used
individually or simultaneously.

Working Distance: 100mm

Viewing Bodies: Binocular observation head inclined 45°,
rotable360°, IPD 54-76 mm, with Dioptric adjustment on left ocular.

Stage Size: 198mm x 250mm.

Objective: Paired 2x-4x objectives revolving on torrent
mount with quick indexing. Optional 1x-3x Objectives
combination available.

Eyepiece: WF 10X/20mm with Eye-guards. Anti Mould
Treated. Optional WF 15x/16mm, WF 20x/12mm.

Auxiliary Objective: 0.5x, 1.5x and 2.0x (Optional)

Magnification : 20x-40x.

Illumination : Incident & Transmitted light system .
with LED Lamps, LED are regulated with power suppply
and has separate brightness controls.

Extra wide field eyepieces & parafocal objectives
to produce crisp distortion free three dimensional images.

Well designed pole stand with extension pillar provides
high working distance upto 100mm.

Dual light stand combining bright transmitted incident
illumination provider an even field of illumination.

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