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• Embedded PC intelligent control system: flexible programming dyeing design, a single set of programs can run 30 steps.
• The design of a high-speed silent manipulator meets the control of high-quality dyeing requirements.
• Optimization setting of multi-direction dyeing parameters, with real-time synchronous display and adjustable design, operated in LCD touch screen.
• Multiple dyeing programs can be edited, classified, and stored, to meet the user’s processing and application of different samples and dyeing methods.
• Self-check and position calibration function: quickly perform various tests before using. There will be a warning if there are errors that cannot be calibrated.
• The design of hydrophobic dyeing frames and the function of high speed and frequency drain off the liquid can effectively reduce the cross-contamination of different dyeing solutions and reduce the dyeing cost.
• Air drying function: adopt integrated circuit temperature control technology, which is low-voltage and contactless, so that each slide can be dried in a clean and constant temperature environment. The dry temperature and wind band can be adjusted evenly.
• The constant pressure dynamic circulation cleaning slide function adopts double valves, one is a reduced pressure valve, and the other is an inlet valve. That can clean each slide with a constant water flow, and effectively save water with control of the inlet water in
• real-time.
• Full-automatic cyclic loading dyeing rack design: 4-6 dyeing racks can be synchronously operated at the same time, and the number can be automatically identified through cyclic loading.



Reagent Tanks 21, including 2 water washing tanks and 1 drying tank.
Reagent tanks available for editing 26
Leachate shaking frequency and mixing 30Hz, (adjustable) 2 times mixing,up/down tank position:

1-4 tanks positions can be edited and set.

Single tank processing time 0-10000 sec adjustable, No more than 1 sec or any two dyeing tanks.
Time of the lifting frame 0.7 seconds ( meeting the requirements of HD constant dyeing)
Reagent precision threshold 0-99 adjustable
Leachate retention time 1-30 seconds
The Tank Volume 550ml ( can be used for 350 ml-500ml dye solution) The temp. of drying tank is adjustable from the room temperature  to 70℃.
The dye flux About 120-300 pieces/hour (formulated according to the dyeing procedure)

Flow-type automatic water washing, flow adjustable, water pressure adjustable.

The number of dyeing slices processed in one frame 30 pieces/frame
The number of frames processed simultaneously 1-4 frames
Voltage and frequency 220V±5V,50Hz
Power ≤ 400W (hot water power is calculated separately.)
Dimension 1250x500x550 mm


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