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Model No. DAR-2020   Make: WESWOX


  • This instrument can widely be used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar refining and food industries, as well as in related colleges.
  • The universities and scientific research institutions are for measuring the refractive index ND of transparent or subtransparent liquid or solid substance.
  • This instrument can also be used to measure Brix (BX) of the sugar solution, and to correct the affect of temperature on the Brix automatically.
  • In addition, the instrument can display the temperature of the sample.


  • Measurement of refractive index no of transparent or translucent liquid and solid substances
  • Measurement of the Brix of sugar solution
  • Visual aim and LCD display
  • Automatic correction of the effect of temperature on the Brix
  • Prism made of hard glass
  • R5232

Measuring Modes:
Refractive Index

  • Brix of sugar solution
  • Brix TC of sugar solution
  • Automatic detect Temperature shown in display

Control Panel:

  • Monocular system
  • Telescope adjustment
  • Digital display
  • Mains switch “POWER”
  • Push button “READ”
  • Push button for Brix with temperature correction “Bx – TC”
  • Push button for the refractive index “D”
  • Push button for Brix without temperature correction “Bx”
  • Optical control
  • Light intensity unit
  • Refractometer prism
  • Push button for temperature indicating “TEMP”

Supplied complete with dust cover and maintenance box that Includes:

  • 1 calibration standard
  • 1 Hex key
  • 3 lamps 6.3V, 025 A
  • 3 fuses 1 A
  • 1 RS-232 Cable
  • 1 Software CD Manual
  • 1 Main Lead
  • 1 Operating Manual
  • 1 Dust cover


  • Petroleum, Chemical,Pharmaceutical, Sugar refining, Food Industry, Teaching in Colleges, Universities
Application Laboratory
Measurement Range 1.30000-1.70000 nD
Measurement Range Brix 0-100%
Measuring Accuracy +/-0.1 nD
Measuring Accuracy Brix +/- 0.1
Measuring Resolution +/-0.0001 nD
Overall Dimension 370mmx240mmx470mm
Temperature range 0-50 degree C
Weight 12kg
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece


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