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Heavy duty C.R.C. construction finished with powder coating.
Fitted with brushless automatic balanced motor.
Polycarbonate window allows the operator to see the sealed head during cyto cetrifugation.
Microprocessor based, 4 lines, 20 characters. LCD Display of set time, run time, set and run rpm, rcf. Equipped with 0-99 minute timer.
Compact cyto centrifuge for cytology and Hematology samples.
Only operates when the lid is locked into position and lid remains locked during rotation.
Pull-out program card allows for up to nine programs to be logged for fast and convenient retrieval.
Stainless steel clips for chamber both clips and chamber reusable
Programmable speed regulator to control speed from 200 to 2500 or 500 to 4000 RPM
Chamber size 6ml reusable chamber.
Minimum 12 chamber rotor.
50 programmes can be stored in memory.
Automatic rotor identification on display.
Minimum 24 specimens samples can be runned on each 24 independent slides.
Additional electronic lid lock which does not allow to open lid when machine is running.
Specimen sample volume range of chamber is from 0.1ml to 6ml.
Memory of minimum 23 programs can be stored.
Safety alarms that protect users and specimens.
Dynamic brake (automatic) and imbalance detector are provided.
Selection of 3 acceleration + 4 deceleration profile.
Warranty 2 year Extended warranty can be provided on request.


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