Biosafe Cabinet (Wooden) Class II, A-2

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Model No. WBSC-2020-WA  Make: WESWOX

Switches Switches for blower, LED light & UV light.
Pre- filter 90.00% down to 5 micron
HEPA Filter ISO 14644 Class 5 (Class100) 99.97%-99.99% down to 0.3 micron Mesh guard for protection of HEPA Filter
Airflow Vertical, 70% of the air volume is re-circulated, 30% is exhausted.
Noise Level 60 decibel + 5%
Velocity 0.35-0.50m/sec
Work Table Made up of Perforated stainless steel 304gr.Cock for gas on work table
Front door Made of Acrylic. (Foldable)
UV Lamp 15/30W, make Philips Holland
Illumination LED white Light.
Pressure Manometer 0-50mm range
Power Supply 230V + 10V/50 Hz single phase A.C.
Cabinet Made of Plyboard and covered with Sunmica & epoxy painted inside.
Heavy Duty Blower Dynamically Balanced with 0.25HP Electric Motor Mounted on anti Vibration Pad 1440rpm motor.
Virus Burn out Fitted with exhaust and HEPA Filter for environmental protection.


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