Binocular Microscope

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1. BASE : Single mold sturdy C stand with an_ rust material and extended base.
2. HEAD : Binocular Observa_on head inclined at 300 rotatable at 3600. IPD 55-75mm
3. Provided.
4. EYEPIECE : KEOWA Wide field HKW 10x paired with eye guards.
5. OBJECTIVES: KEOWA Semi-Plan Achroma_c Objec_ves, an_-fungus treated
Plan Achroma_c 4x, NA 0.10
Plan Achroma_c 10x, NA 0.25
Plan Achroma_c 40x,NA 0.65 (Spring Loaded)
Plan Achroma_c 100x, NA 1.25 (SL, oil immersion)
6. NOSEPIECE REVERSE ANGLE : Quadruple nosepiece revolves on ball bearing with rubber grip and posi_ve click stop.
7. MECHANICAL STAGE : Right Hand Mechanical stage size 120mm X 140mm having low posi_oned co-axial control on ball
bearing. Spring clip double specimen holder Cross X&Y movement 60mm X 80mm.
8. FOCUSSING SYSTEM: Low posi_on Co-axial graduated coarse & fine focusing system with TENSION ADJUSTMENT RING on ring
side provides a so􀅌 and sophis_cated touch to the microscope. Course Movement Stroke : 20mm tension on the right.
9. SUB STAGE CONDENSER: Focusable Abbe Condenser centerable NA 1.25 with aspheric lens, filter holder, Iris Diaphragm
movable on rack & pinion with BLUE filter. Ver_cal adjustment range : 10mm.
10. ILLUMINATION: Built-in-base illumina_on system with 6V 20W Halogen lamp or 3W LED lamp with intensity controlled Power
supply & day light reflector/mirror.
11. POWER: Universal power supply (AC input 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz) ISO 9001, CE approved.
12. PACKAGING: Complete in a STYROFOAM molded box.
13. WARRANTY : 2years Extended warranty can be provided on request


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